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Ridetech Build 2016

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Observations: Wasn’t easy. Instructions on the manual are lacking. some notches had to be removed too the exhaust has to be cut a helper is a must MIG welding is better than TIG on tight spots Advertisements


Engine Number Location for Stencil Purposes

Engine Number Location for Stencil Purposes

In some countries, there is a need to *stencil the engine number to be able to register the vehicle. This one is located on the engine block, left side, where the block meets the crankcase. Accessing this area can only be done by jacking up the mustang and reach the area near the left front tire. Use a flashlight to immediately locate it. The engine number stamped in there are the last 8 digits appearing on the VIN on the dashboard. Look at the dashboard first by peeking thru the front windshield, driver’s side.

*stencil is the word used in lifting the number from the engine by using paper place over the number and rubbing a lead pencil over the paper. When the paper is lifted, the number is clearly impressed on the paper. To ease the job, you can just rub a carbon paper (used in manual typewriters) on the number, then cut an ample piece of scotch clear tape and put in on the area rubbed. When the tape is removed, the carbon imprint will go with the tape including the engine number, then the tape can just be placed on the car registration form.