Welcome to my Garage where you can find my goods on sale. Some are new but most of them are used. On the principle that when you have two, the other one belongs to your neighbor in need, I am sharing my goods to others that they may experience the safety of my gears.

Should you find anything that you want to own, just send email. I tried to put the prices wayward low, so please don’t do much of a heck on pulling the prices down. I can ship within the Philippines and shipping cost will be added to your bill. Further instructions on payments details will be given upon text request or email me at batas_ko@yahoo.com or kalvin.smag@gmail.com



6 responses to “About

  1. The goods are great. Reserve me the vac.

  2. ty sir mustang for the vacuum cleaner…..

  3. Robert Harland

    Hello – an interetsing site. Any idea where I might find a Daimler Dart (SP250) pls?



    Robert Harland
    Bacolod City

  4. will try to find that ….

  5. What you have done to this Mustang is top shelf – beautiful and badass at the same time. I have a 2000 Ford Expedition that needs attention to a lot of little stuff. I am in Tagaytay and I need a car guy. You maybe? Or can you recommend somebody?

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