Mustang Grandé 1969 in Tagaytay City

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This ‘Tang resides in Tagaytay City. All original except the brake booster and air-con compressor. Will sell if the price is good enough. Specs: 1. Inline/ straight 6 2. 250 ci. original engine 3. American Racing Mags 4. Mastercraft Staggared … Continue reading

ANCOM 2017 – Accepting Reservations

Driftwoods Sports Park is now accepting reservations for the ANCOM 2017 which will be held in Tagaytay City coming April.  It is about 7km from the Ancom Venue but we can provide vehicles to taxi d…

Source: ANCOM 2017 – Accepting Reservations


Do you have sweet ride collecting dust in your garage?

Drop it off at DRIFTWOODS SPORTS PARK (DSP) and earn money from it!

Here’s how. Drop your ride off at the shop then decide the terms of the rent for your ride (ex. rate per hour/day/kilometer). Then collect your earnings in person or via online money transfer from DSP after every transaction.

Of course, before the customer takes the ride, they will submit their valid driver’s license or any valid identification and sign an agreement that they are responsible for any cost should the ride get damaged and a waiver on any unfortunate event incurred by the customer after the ride.

For marketing, storage and maintenance, the shop is entitled to 10%, at least, of every customer transaction on each of your rides. (Percentage may vary).

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Atty. Paredes’ Mustang 69 for sale

for P600K

New MTB Sections of the Track added



now total distance is 2.1km run by Joshua for 11min 42 sec.

dw mtb track apr 25 2015


when you take this trail, FOLLOW the numbers in the directional signs.  That means you have to hit signage #16 after you have hit sign #15, otherwise you will miss the thrill of the ride.

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repriced and adjusted on Feb. 29,2 016



Tagaytay Lodge 165 schedule of family camping is set on March 7-8, 2015 at Driftwoods Sports Park.

What does the area offer?   Go over the website and find out for yourself.  This is a family weekend themed destination.

Things to bring:  Tent, Sleeping bags, Mountain Bike or BMX, LED lamps or Solar lights, food and chitcheria, camel’s drink, a cook maybe, maid for you baby, marsh mallows for the bonfire, rifle with suppressor (maybe), trekking shoes, games prizes for our children

Driftwoods Sports Park TENT AREA

ACCOMMODATION TIPS: At Driftwoods Sports Park, we have camping areas for tent pitching. Cost is P300/head per day if you have your own tent. Free use of CRs and showers. Bike and Car parking is 3 hectares.